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KeyLogic Systems and Bravo Consulting Group Form New Partnership Through the Small Business Administration's Mentor Protege Program

KeyLogic to provide guidance and assistance to Bravo as the companies work together to develop solutions for federal agencies to meet their mission goals 

Morgantown, WVOctober 1, 2018KeyLogic Systems, a leading professional services and engineering firm, and Bravo Consulting Group, a leading technology consulting firm, today announced their new partnership through the Small Business Administration’s Mentor Protégé Program. The partnership will enable them to combine their complementary technical capabilities and long-standing culture of high performance to strengthen their ability to deliver unique solutions that address the evolving needs of federal agencies. 

 “With a shared focus on delivering quality services for our customers, KeyLogic is excited to join forces with Bravo to integrate our engineering and management strengths,” said Jon Hammock, CEO and President of KeyLogic Systems. “KeyLogic and Bravo share many of the same characteristics, as we view problems through the eyes of our customers and use those insights to develop tailored solutions so they can properly meet their mission goals.” 

Through the SBA Mentor-Protégé Program, KeyLogic will provide valuable insight to Bravo in a variety of ways, including guidance on business development, assistance in navigating the federal contracting process and sharing resources between the two companies to identify potential opportunities. KeyLogic, founded in 1999, has a long history of empowering federal agencies to improve performance, ranging from budget formulation to biometrics to resource allocation.

“We have been impressed by the growth of KeyLogic, so our team is thrilled to begin building a long-lasting, impactful partnership with a company that shares our values and vision for the future,” said Gino Degregori, CEO & President, Bravo Consulting Group. “We want to expand our team’s presence in the federal market, particularly within the intelligence community, and the opportunity to work with KeyLogic will give us the tools necessary to appropriately scale our resources to reach this goal.”

Founded in 2007, Bravo has supported several federal civilian and defense agencies, helping organize, manage, secure and optimize their documents and records all while remaining compliant with federal regulations.

About KeyLogic

KeyLogic is a leading provider of professional services and engineering solutions for research and development technologies that help transform how federal agencies operate. We specialize in developing unique solutions, bolstered by exceptional service and comprehensive capabilities that improve an organization’s technology management, business intelligence, data analytics, budget formulation and biometrics.

KeyLogic supports critical domestic and global missions within the federal government, including at energy, national security and civilians agencies. We ensure our clients have the ability to unlock their full potential and empower them to reimagine their approach to mission success. Thanks to our approach to anticipating our clients’ needs, KeyLogic has never had a one-time customer since our founding in 1999. KeyLogic holds both an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification and a CMMI Maturity Level 3 appraisal. To learn more, visit

About Bravo Consulting Group

Bravo Consulting Group, LLC (Bravo) taps into the power of Microsoft technologies to develop custom software applications and solutions for Federal, State, Local, and Commercial organizations.  Since our inception in 2007, we have pioneered enterprise applications that have become central components in our clients’ business success. Our customer-centric focus has allowed us to implement improved technologies, develop high-end business solutions, and transform digital services.  Our vast technology and industry expertise enables us to partner with clients to deliver sophisticated solutions rapidly and on budget. To learn more, visit

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