Program & Project Management

In today’s constrained budget environment, organizations face growing pressure to maximize return on investment. Schedule slips, rework, and other setbacks can quickly turn an excellent business case into a drain on scarce resources. KeyLogic’s Program and Project Management experts work with your organization to lay the groundwork for mission success, reduce risk, correct errors, safeguard sensitive information, and plan for a successful implementation.

Program Planning and Strategy

KeyLogic’s Program Planning and Strategy services help your organization set the stage for program advances and mission effectiveness—whether you are implementing information, energy, environmental, or metallurgical technologies or exploring other ways to drive program success.

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Acquisition Management

KeyLogic’s Acquisition and Strategy services can help your organization keep up with fast-paced acquisitions while paying close attention to risk, from market research to RFP development, from merit review to vendor selection, and from post-award startup to contract execution.

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If your organization’s software is critical, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) is as well. With KeyLogic’s IV&V services, you can be assured that the system is being built right and that the right system is being built—and that any potential flaws will be caught early.

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Information Assurance

Think of Information Assurance as a kind of insurance—without it, the losses to your organization could be irreparable. Whether your agency protects national security information or sensitive personal information, KeyLogic can help set up the safeguards you need.

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Performance Management/EVM

KeyLogic’s Project Management Professionals and Earned Value Management professionals can help your agency develop a clear understanding of its overall portfolio, pinpoint overlaps and weak points, and access the value of potential projects to make informed choices. We specialize in identifying problems and potential problems early on, while they can be more easily remedied.

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Resiliency Services

In the face of threat—a disease pandemic, terrorist attack, crippling computer virus, or natural disaster—shutting down is not an option. KeyLogic’s experienced information security, emergency management, and business continuity professionals can help you design and implement the right plan for your agency to weather any crisis. And, of course, you will fully and efficiently comply with Homeland Security Presidential Directive (HSPD), Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA) requirements and other resiliency and continuity guidance and directives.

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“…you both worked tirelessly to get through these recent program plans and budget/contract justification root canals. In the event you didn’t now you do. Your efforts translated into direct and positive impacts for the warfighter.”

DISA Customer

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