Project Management Center

As part of DOE’s Project Management Center support initiative, KeyLogic professionals helped DOE move from a labor-intensive budget system to one that supports highly efficient portfolio budget management.

Catalyzing Budget Excellence with DOE NETL

The Client: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) delivers an array of energy and environmental R&D programs in support of DOE’s core mission to advance the national, economic, and energy security of the United States.

The Challenge: To enhance financial management, analysis, and control capabilities by modernizing paper-based legacy budget processes.

The Solution: As part of the Project Management Center (PMC) support initiative, KeyLogic’s experienced professionals helped NETL stakeholders smoothly transition to automated process management and business support tools. The customized desktop capabilities integrate data from disparate sources and provide decision makers with budget-process snapshots via easy-to-use dashboards.

Project Management Center

The Result: With reengineered business processes enabled by automated tools, NETL has moved from a labor-intensive budget system to one that supports highly efficient portfolio budget management. Ultimately, the new capabilities position NETL more strongly to fund and implement R&D programs that speed the commercialization of innovative energy and environmental technologies. Other benefits of this project include:

  • Enhanced Productivity and ROI. NETL is accessing improved budget performance and a host of new capabilities without increasing staff size or the total cost of ownership for the budget system.
  • Full Compliance. The NETL Federal funds obligation process adheres to funding guidance from headquarters, budget directives, and federal regulations.
  • Improved Quality. The automated system eliminates keying errors and other process defects.
  • Agile Decision-making. Executive-level reporting dashboards enable NETL leaders to perform at-a-glance analysis of financial data and decrease turnaround time to respond to ad hoc requests.
  • Cost Avoidance. Rather than going ahead with the costly, time-consuming implementation of a new budget system, NETL improved its overall financial management performance with technologies that extend and embrace its existing IT environment.

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“KeyLogic did an outstanding job in the area of developing and integrating a “Funds Flow Tracking” program that draws data from the various government-managed databases and incorporates them into a planning and management tool that has been very useful in helping NETL and DOE management understand both the current and planned status of funds…. This was done very professionally and with high quality in a short time frame.”

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