KeyCertainty: Biometrics Solution Optimization

At KeyLogic, our approach to Law Enforcement and Biometrics Support Services effectively balances all facets of information management, program/project/ process management, and IT infrastructure management to achieve quality results. Our experienced staff combines proven methods with knowledge of your organization to effectively understand requirements and deliver solutions that are useful and utilized. 

Current Challenges with the Identity Management Process

The need to secure and confirm identities is paramount in today’s world and identity challenges are KeyLogic Biometricsbecoming more common; the need to have high confidence in the accuracy of your identity management system is vital.With long acquisition timelines, the ability to choose, implement, and deploy an identity management system custom to your use case is essential.

In order to successfully choose and deploy an identity management system, organizations must consider all options without vendor bias with consideration to specific implementation and integration requirements.

Keys to Success

The KeyLogic approach allows for identification and assessment of biometric technologies and processes that fit the specific needs of each client. Successful selection and implementation of a biometric identity management solution is dependent on many factors, and is more than simply selecting hardware and software systems. Having well defined requirements, including intended use of the solution, environmental issues, human factors considerations, and policies are a few of the aspects that determine the most appropriate solution. KeyLogic also applies best practices and lessons learned from successfully supporting clients in the selection of a biometric solution.

Our methodology is designed to be your GPS by getting to the quickest and most efficient solution to your specific problem utilizing biometric Subject Matter Expertise (SME) input every step of the way. We identify risks and alternatives for each potential solution, with the goal of identifying the best value technical and business functionality to meet current and future needs.

360° Identity Management Support/Technical Advantage

KeyLogic helps you determine what to implement based on your problem and provides full biometrics lifecycle support to include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Analysis of Alternatives
  • Acquisition Support
  • Hardware and Software Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Reporting & Analytics

The Benefits of Choosing KeyLogic

KeyLogic provides support to the entire identity management lifecycle – from the very beginning as a “getting started” guide to help determine your needs to working as your right hand in supporting you throughout the lifecycle process.

We have hands-on experience and Subject Matter Experts in the full lifecycle of identity management and biometrics solutions, and have supported all aspects of implementation for clients including the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, and Law Enforcement.


The advantage to choosing KeyLogic is that we are not promoting our own product – we are working with you to determine the customized solution tailored to your specific needs. KeyLogic brings technical advantage and expertise every step of the way – from helping you decide what you need, through the decision, acquisition, and implementation processes, to operations.

These advantages include:

  • Expertise in identity management and biometrics tool and systems
  • Full lifecycle biometric experience
  • Vendor-neutral approach to solutions
  • Hands-on experience integrating technical systems, business processes, policy, and change management of biometric solutions.

KeyLogic Real-World Experience

To learn more about KeyLogic’s biometric and identity management capabilities, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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