Anticipatory Service

“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.”
– Sam Walton


KeyLogic is known for our extraordinary commitment to the success of the organizations we serve. We deeply understand our customers, their culture, their needs, and most importantly their mission. It is through this understanding, combined with our Anticipatory Service methodology, which enables us to provide service far beyond the industry standard and empowers us to exceed our customers’ expectations. Anticipatory Service is based on careful observation and active listening, giving us unique insight to our clients’ needs and the expertise to provide the right service at the right time. This approach allows KeyLogic members to closely integrate with our customers and serve as a trusted partner in solving their most challenging problems and producing meaningful outcomes.

This practice is mature and fully embedded throughout KeyLogic’s culture, processes, and systems. It is in our DNA. We hire like-minded staff, train our employees, and build systems that enable Anticipatory Service throughout our organization. When working on our customers’ challenges, we understand the importance of tackling the broader problem by addressing the underlying issues. KeyLogic’s team of professionals is trained to listen for and identify opportunities to improve, solve, and advance the task in front of them and always do more than asked.

From our most senior staff to our entry-level positions, all KeyLogic team members are empowered and coached continuously in our service delivery. This allows Anticipatory Service to occur at every level of the team and across all facets from strategic, tactical, to operational activities – acting as a force multiplier. KeyLogic not only expects our staff to engage in Anticipatory Service, but we measure and reward behavior creating a culture of high performance and exceptional results. Anticipatory Service is the KeyLogic difference. It is what sets us apart from other companies.


“KeyLogic gives me what I need before I know I need it.”

DOE Customer

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