The future of energy is here, and it is shifting the competitive landscape of energy-intensive industries and agencies around the world.

The major factors that are driving change include the urgency and scale of the challenge; the pace of innovation; and the integration of global solutions.  

Energy, carbon, and climate are integrated systems, and must be managed across technical, economic, and regulatory dimensions. The optimal solution for one location, region, or nation is unlikely the same for another, yet each solution should aim to advance common global interests. Managing unintended consequences and second order effects that propagate through these interconnected systems is crucial. Piecemeal solutions are not an option and tradeoffs and compromises are inevitable. Analytical rigor is a prerequisite to informed decisions that understand and balance the tradeoffs.

KeyLogic is uniquely equipped to help clients navigate the energy, carbon, and climate landscape. We are renowned for our expertise and sought after for our unique capabilities that help clients navigate complex systems and solve tough problems. Our team of scientists, engineers, researchers, and economists leverage advanced tools to solve energy and environmental issues with high-impact outcomes.

We aim to accelerate innovation that will ultimately make energy more secure, affordable, sustainable, and accessible to all.

Energy Capabilities


Ensuring mission success through management best practices.

Advancing research from ideation through commercialization.
Developing strategies to achieve decarbonization goals.
Quantifying carbon within energy systems from cradle to grave.
Designing and evaluating policies to achieve national energy goals.
Envisioning a better energy future with dynamic models that provide a pathway for realization.

Energy Insights

Contact Our Energy Experts

Our team of seasoned energy experts possess the domain knowledge and application experience to tackle the most complex energy-related issues. 

John Ramsey

Vice President, Energy
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