Mission Management

Carbon Management

Developing strategies to achieve decarbonization goals.

Carbon from Cradle to Grave

Deep decarbonization is a complex challenge requiring a balanced understanding of the underlying technologies, regulations, and markets.


There are many variations of carbon capture utilization and storage technologies, some of which offer tremendous potential when scaled.  Successful deployment depends on numerous factors specific to each location. Understanding the technological options will help customers choose a strategy suitable for their unique situation.


Policy and Regulation

Local, national, and global policies are driving the adoption of certain carbon management strategies. Due to the multitude of policies that exist across locations, understanding relevant policies and their potential evolution throughout the project’s lifetime is vital.  



Markets are being upended by decarbonization. Traditional technoeconomics are challenged by a social factor that is altering the ROI calculation. Deployment decisions require a nuanced looked at how best to balance stakeholder expectations, and how to quantify the economic impact of carbon management.

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