KeyLogic delivers its full range of professional and IT services to the Department of Defense.

We provide lab management, project management, and human resources support.

We are thought leaders in emerging technology and R&DTE, perform studies and analysis, conduct modeling and simulation, and manage large collections of scientific and technical information. Our IT professionals deliver high performance computing services, network operations, cybersecurity, and Tier 0-3 support. Our Agile DevSecOps software engineers build state-of-the-art software and web applications, including hybrid multicloud and serverless solutions.

KeyLogic is focused on innovation for our defense customers through our KeyLogic Innovation Lab and have demonstrated to the DoD artificial intelligence / machine learning, geospatial analytics, automated/ automatic target recognition, and biometric solutions. We are working on bringing other advanced technologies, such as the Internet of Things and blockchain, to defense mission use cases.

Defense Capabilities


KeyLogic’s Identity Management Solution, KeyCertainty, is a vendor-agnostic methodology designed specifically to address potential biometrics solutions and approaches by applying in-depth marketplace research; incorporating legacy identity management systems and data; tailoring hardware, software, testing, and training; and providing full scale implementation support.


Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKGs) for Defense Data Analytics enable complex information queries based on semantic linkages that tie together mission, program, capability, and other information.


KeyLogic delivers static and interactive visualizations of structured and unstructured data in a wide variety of formats tailored to the mission needs of the customer.

Defense Insights

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Our team of seasoned defense experts can provide more information on our programs and innovation in the space.

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