Systems Research & Analysis

Policy Analysis

Designing and evaluating policies to achieve national energy goals.

Policy Decisions

KeyLogic can help customers make confident policy decision. We evaluate policy within the context of the entire U.S. energy system and economy using validated tools and integration.

Policy Impact Assessment

We assess the impact of economic and regulatory policies such as climate change policies; renewable, sequestration, and energy efficiency tax credits; and regulatory approaches such as clean energy standards, appliance standards, and CAFE.

Policy Development Support

Our analysis gives clients confidence in making policy decisions while minimizing unforeseen consequences. Through modeling and simulation we help to ensure that the policy achieves its social goal.

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Policy Analysis

KeyLogic has been providing policy modeling and analysis support to government agencies and various NGOs and private corporations for decades – get in touch with us.

Francisco Carlos de la Chesnaye, Ph.D.

Vice President, Energy Strategy & Economic Policy

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