Veracity: Full Lifecycle Budget Management

For too long, federal budget formulation has been an inefficient, error-prone process that has not evolved with technology. With KeyLogic, your agency will discover the next generation of technology for formulating multi-billion-dollar federal agency budgets. Our unique capabilities enable a more efficient process, which results in enhanced reporting, data analysis and, ultimately, better budgets. 

Current Challenges with the Federal Budget Process

BudgetFederal agencies continue to struggle with budget formulation. By relying on Excel spreadsheets or antiquated software, agencies choose to formulate budgets through a labor intensive process that allows for too many mistakes. By relying on inferior software, agencies choose to develop budgets without flexibility, automation or security. It is a process that’s error-prone and tedious.

In order to successfully achieve a streamlined budget process, federal agencies must consolidate data, metrics and information into an easily accessible resource. That’s where KeyLogic’s budget capabilities provide the keys to your success.

Blue Arrow Target Keys to Success

Veracity solves all major challenges facing today’s federal budgeters, including:

  • Automated processing resulting in increased productivity, greater data accuracy and analysis
  • Advanced document control resulting in complete version control and “one version of the truth”
  • Relevant experience (over 2 decades of lessons learned) resulting in the latest in budgeting best practices
  • State-of-the-Art design resulting in government-wide application and optimized performance

Blue Cycle Arrows 360° Budget Process Support 

The KeyLogic approach allows rapid and customized implementation of our fully integrated Veracity modules including:

  • Budget Formulation
  • Budget Execution
  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Document Preparation
  • Reporting & Analytics


Blue Select Point The Benefits of Choosing KeyLogic

By leveraging KeyLogic’s budget capabilities, you will remove unnecessary costs and time while properly adhering to agency objectives. The benefits of KeyLogic include:

  • Adaptable to any Federal agency budget structure
  • Enhanced security with certified FedRAMP access
  • Full integration with  related processes, such as strategic planning, performance management and financial management
  • Cost effective deployment  approach through  phased modules
  • Low cost-of-ownership due to available GOTS software
  • Accelerated deployment process, with certified FedRAMP access
  • Rapid response  to changes in narratives and funding levels

Blue Cog Wheels Technical Advantages

Agencies need the ability to formulate budgets in a modern way. By using only top-notch tools, KeyLogic gives agencies the unique power to drastically minimize the time-consuming budget process. Unlike Excel spreadsheets or antiquated software, KeyLogic’s capabilities provide technical advantages that provide value at every step of the budget formulation process to make it easier, better and faster.

These technical advantages include:

  • GOTS-based system hosted in a FedRAMP-certified cloud environment
  • Common code set
  • Modular system deployment
  • Metadata driven
  • Cloud-based system accessible by any web browser
  • Flexible architecture consistent with Common Government-Wide Account Code 

Blue Roibbon The Budget Solution You Need is Here

BFS ScreenshotWorking closely with the EPA over the past two decades KeyLogic employees have developed the premiere budgeting solution and support capabilities. The Budget Formulation System (BFS) is EPA’s implementation of Veracity as the next generation budget solution and now it’s available as a recognized GOTS solution.

Why continue settling for antiqued technology and inferior results when the future in budgeting technology is here now? Don’t allow another budget cycle or deadline to pass
without checking out the latest in federal budget solutions. It is time to bring your budget process into the twenty first century! Unlock and empower the full potential of your agency’s budget decisions and mission.

To learn more about how KeyLogic’s budget capabilities can help you collect data and report budgets more efficiently, please contact us today at 888.204.9649 or click the button below and provide your contact information so KeyLogic can reach out to you about your budgeting needs.

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How to Manage Agency Budgets in Real-Time

The time has come to stop viewing federal budgets as static snapshots from an accounting perspective and treat them as the living, breathing, strategic initiatives they are. Through upgrades to technology and processes, agency finance teams can evolve as their budgets do.

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“Your OCFO project staff accepted the difficult task with their usual positive attitude and worked tirelessly with our EPA staff to prepare the necessary data in time to meet an aggressive reporting deadline. You should be proud to employ individuals who understand what ‘customer service’ really means.”

-KeyLogic’s EPA OCFO Client

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