Cloud Implementation

Let KeyLogic help you leverage your current infrastructure while providing the resources needed to be more agile and competitive.  Our Cloud capabilities empower your organization to deliver innovative solutions that move the needle and make the most of your investment.

Sky’s the Limit With KeyLogic Cloud

Due to the accelerated pace of innovation, it has become increasingly expensive to invest in the best, most up-to-date IT security technologies and solutions. Relying on older solutions while your counterparts invest in newer technologies allows them to adapt and respond faster to market demands.

KeyLogic Cloud Using cloud technologies can keep your competitive edge  without expanding your budget and allows you to bring products  and services to market quickly. You gain enterprise-level  security with the same data protection and datacenter security  that many of the world’s largest organizations receive. Your  secure solutions instantly scale globally and run your IT  operations more cost-effectively. The cloud allows you to pay  only for what you use, as opposed to for what you don’t in your  on-premise data center. This allows you to free up your budget  for other mission needs by eliminating the cost of new hardware.  
Cloud Strategy and Planning
We serve as trusted partners with our customers in areas including Cloud portfolio management, transition planning, FISMA and risk management support, and other strategic support services.

  • Cloud Application Development. We support Cloud First mindset for developing, deploying, and managing of cloud applications as well as the reengineering of legacy systems, data management, and application and service integration.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Services. We provide cloud vendor service assessment and analysis, architectural design consultation, and private cloud implementations.
  • Cloud Security Services. We provide a full range of security services supporting the certification and accreditation of cloud solutions, security audits, infrastructure, application and data vulnerability scanning, and security integration.
  • Cloud Comparative Analysis. We provide Total Cost of Ownership estimating and analysis of alternatives to support the selection of cloud development and implementation strategies.

Microsoft Azure Certified KeyLogic is a certified Microsoft Azure Managed Service Provider.

To learn more about how KeyLogic can help your organization keep your competitive edge without expanding your budget, please contact us today at 888.204.9649.

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