Corporate Culture

As a services-based company, employees are at the heart of everything KeyLogic does—and we acknowledge and support each one to succeed. KeyLogic is just the right size to foster a community atmosphere of excellence. Our people are passionate about serving our U.S. Federal Government clients.

Work Hard, Play Hard

KeyLogic is a place where you can grow professionally and personally. You’ll find challenging, meaningful work, mentoring opportunities, educational assistance, and social situations in which to get to know other employees and their families.

Being part of a KeyLogic team is not a spectator sport. We do challenging work with a sense of purpose and drive. While we do work hard, we play hard too. Whether we’re tailgating, performing at open mic night, or just playing a round of Wii, team building is always on the agenda. Companywide events include monthly and quarter meetings, holiday and summer parties, and an annual casino night.

KeyLogic employee, Joel Parker, participates in a KeyLogic tradition – banging the gong to celebrate a recent contract win.

Many of our recruits are referrals or rehires—which says something about employee satisfaction. We show our company pride wearing KeyLogic gear and we show our support for the world around us through community events and charity fundraisers such as participating in events for the United Way or holding our annual book drive for the troops.

We invite you to learn more about KeyLogic and search open positions today.


“KeyLogic cares about the employee and understands that a dedicated organization fosters a dedicated employee.”

Preston Prentice, KeyLogic employee

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