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KeyLogic knows it’s our hardworking, dedicated, enthusiastic employees that make this company so great! We appreciate their kind words about their experiences at KeyLogic.

In our Employee’s Own Words…


Preston Prentice, PMP
KeyLogic Employee Since: 2005
Hobbies/Activities outside of work: Proud father who loves spending time with my son, Love riding motorcycles whether at the track or just cruising around town, Love football, basketball, and boxing.

In Preston’s words…

I accepted a position with KeyLogic with the expectation of adding diversity, development, and challenge to my career. KeyLogic has exceeded my expectations. KeyLogic believes in a policy of excellence. It shows in their commitment to deliver the best product, not only their customers, but also their employees. Since I’ve been here, KeyLogic has set the bar on constant growth and improvement. Whether it’s process improvement initiatives for the entire organization, or just skill development courses for individual employees, KeyLogic continues to do what it takes to be the best.

The unanticipated, yet superb company culture is probably my favorite distinguishing feature about working here. KeyLogic cares about the employee and understands that a dedicated organization fosters a dedicated employee. KeyLogic encourages participation from all employees. No idea is a bad idea and KeyLogic meets regularly to allow employees to be heard. I once read a quote that said “Most people in big companies are administered, not led. They are treated as personnel, not people.” KeyLogic does just the opposite. They understand employees are people and people like to be treated with respect. One of the best examples of this occurred within the first week of my hire date. The president & CEO of KeyLogic scheduled a meeting with me. A little intimidating at first, but then I learned he does this for all new employees. He does this in the effort to get know your goals with the company, and simply just to make your acquaintance. This is truly rare and in many ways exceptional. It blew my mind, and in my humble opinion it speaks volumes for KeyLogic itself. KeyLogic gets it! Respect, care, and excellence are qualities that exude from the top and flow throughout the rest of the company. I believe every project team, every partnership, every employee and every customer will affirm this; KeyLogic is an exceptional company.


Natalie Newton, CAPM
KeyLogic Employee Since: 2007
Hobbies/Activities outside of work: My favorite pastime is watching my teenage son play ice hockey. I also enjoy spending my summer boating on Cheat Lake, biking the Rail Trail, and traveling.

In Natalie’s words…

Since joining KeyLogic in 2007 as a Financial Analyst, not only am I surrounded by brilliant, friendly, and talented people, but I have been provided many opportunities for personal and professional development. In three years time, I have been promoted to Project Manager. KeyLogic helps you succeed by encouraging growth through internal and external training opportunities and certifications and they even recognize and reward your hard work. With KeyLogic’s support, I was able to complete PMI’s certification as a Certified Associated in Project Management (CAPM). And the next step, with KeyLogic’s encouragement, is certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP)!

Not only does KeyLogic care about their employees, but they also care about the world we live in and the causes that employees support. In the summer of 2009, I walked 60 miles in support of the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure in Boston, MA. With KeyLogic’s sponsorship and encouragement, I was able to raise money and awareness in our community and walk the miles to help in the fight against breast cancer.

Even though I am far from home, I feel like KeyLogic is my home; my family. KeyLogic cares about their employees and it shows in the quality of people that work for the company. KeyLogic provides a fun and supportive atmosphere through company outings, trips, events, and meetings. I have truly enjoyed every moment and experience I’ve had at KeyLogic.


Rameshwar (Ram) D. Srivastava, PhD
KeyLogic Employee Since: 2009
Hobbies/Activities outside of work: I enjoy bridge and the Symphony.

In Ram’s words…

After my interview with the CEO and other senior management people, I knew that KeyLogic was exactly the place I wanted to work. KeyLogic has attracted a diversified team of skilled individuals who are highly motivated and share KeyLogic’s core values. I am extremely honored to work with these very qualified people and amazed at the skill level of the personnel from top to bottom in the corporation. I have great pleasure in working with my colleagues, who are not only very knowledgeable but more than willing to share that knowledge. This cooperative spirit has allowed us to provide NETL with excellent work on a timely basis.

The company has developed an excellent team spirit and an attractive corporate culture, including a personalized approach, which has played a key role in not only my satisfaction but that of my associates as well. I have the opportunity to express my views, which are respected and help bring new ideas to the agenda for growing the organization. Having in the past worked at two major universities and three corporations, I find KeyLogic’s commitment to its employees far above what I experienced anywhere else. It gives me a real sense of pride to be a team member of this forward looking growing corporation.


Carey Butler, PE, PMP
KeyLogic Employee Since: 2007
Hobbies/Activities outside of work: Boy Scouts, backpacking, hiking, movies and food.

In Carey’s words…

KeyLogic is a great place to grow and develop both professionally and personally. Senior Management listened to my ideas for new business, even the bad ones. And, after making the business case, they provided the necessary resources and support for a successful proposal effort. Now that the project is underway, I find myself among a great group of colleagues who share their experience and work together in a spirit of mutual benefit. Joining KeyLogic has turned out to be great decision for me.



Nizar Diab
KeyLogic Employee Since: 2010
Hobbies/Activities outside of work: Enjoying the afterhours activities! When I started at KeyLogic in a new town, my co-workers took me out to a local sports pub and this has been an ongoing thing. Swimming and the beach (when it is warmer outside). Camping / Hiking. Playing some online games.

In Nizar’s words…

The work environment is great and very comfortable. In the short amount of time I have been here, I have won the “Monthly Mover” award and that is in part to the great support I get from my co-workers. I would say “I can’t believe they are paying me for this job”, but I would be afraid of someone reading this and decides to take my pay away.


Christine Rueter, PMP
KeyLogic Employee Since: 2006
Hobbies/Activities outside of work: singing, stargazing, visiting museums, hiking, reading

In Christine’s words…

In singing, every part of the body plays a valuable role in hitting the right note. If you don’t hold your spine correctly, notes can come out flat. If you don’t breathe from your abdominal muscles, you’ll take less air into your lungs, and the note will die mid-phrase.

At KeyLogic, every team member plays a valuable role in ensuring we “hit the right note” with our customers through delivery of excellent, on-time solutions. We all embrace the KeyLogic Core Values, Mission, and Vision and realize they lead to a caring, committed, and driven team. We honor a positive “can do” attitude and willingness to “think outside the box” because we know these vital skills yield innovative solutions. We embrace new team members and provide them with support and opportunities for growth. Last year, I was honored to be selected for Project Management Professional training and have used my certification to increase internal knowledge of project management best practices. I gladly recommend younger and new team members for this training and continue to work with my fellow project managers on process development and improvement.

And while we “sing” together quite nicely at the office, we also literally sing together a few times a month for open mic nights at area venues. Collaborating together on music, jamming in front of an audience, and celebrating successful sets have further strengthened our valuable friendships. Together, we always hit the right notes.


Gabe Barki, PMP
KeyLogic Employee Since: 2009
Hobbies/Activities outside of work: Playing with my new baby boy and visiting National Parks.

In Gabe’s words…

The first time that met Jon Hammock, President and CEO of KeyLogic, I spoke to him for over an hour at the end of a Career Invitational. He spent a very generous amount of time getting to know me, and conversely allowing me to get to know him and through him KeyLogic. What struck me most in this meeting was Jon’s passion for the company. When you hear President’s and CEO’s speak they can come across as artificial and forced. With Jon it is genuine and it translates. You believe in his vision and through his passion it to becomes your vision.


Jenny Friend
KeyLogic Employee Since: 2010
Hobbies/Activities outside of work: Spending time with family and friends.

In Jenny’s words…

In the past, I have had the opportunity to work for two other federal government contractors. To date, the experiences I have had at KeyLogic are by far the most rewarding and appreciated. I have had the opportunity to put forth ideas and methods for managing our contract that were new to KeyLogic; and, they have been widely accepted and appreciated. These ideas and the support we, the PEI Team, receive from the Corporate team have made it possible to manage our growing staff and subcontractor support.

In the year that I have been employed with KeyLogic, we have participated in the Corporate Cup and the Annual Campaign to benefit the United Way. These activities provided not only an opportunity for KeyLogic to support our community but also to build team spirit. The team sporting events provided the perfect opportunity to bring together individuals who would not normally interact with each other and helped to increase our company pride and sense of accomplishment. These types of activities help to build the family mentality that is encouraged throughout KeyLogic. As the company continues to grow, I hope that additional opportunities are found to maintain the sense of “family” that is now evident.



Lynn Manfredo
KeyLogic Employee Since: 2010
Hobbies/Activities outside of work: Reading, puzzles, baking/cooking, family.

In Lynn’s words…

I have been with KeyLogic Systems for over a year and have enjoyed and appreciated the company’s priorities, insight, and culture. I am part of a team supporting the Strategic Center for Coal at NETL, and from the start have been impressed with how well-staffed the team was, with the right mix of expertise, a good plan for accomplishing the work, and managers with great vision. KeyLogic is a company that operates with a positive attitude and has its priorities right. They care about their customers and employees, working considerately and competently with both to enable them to succeed. They use insightful planning for growth, employ the best resources for each challenge, and continually look ahead to upcoming needs. And they maintain a corporate culture that demonstrates high ethics and values as well as makes the employees feel appreciated, supported, and proud of their work.


“Nobody throws a party like KeyLogic does!”

Betty Carey, IST
KeyLogic Technical Director

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