Future-Proof Enterprise Data Analytics Platform

Whether prototyping a new model, dashboard, mobile app, desktop application, serverless API, or an entire network infrastructure, KeyLogic and our Innovation Lab can help you build, test, fail, and succeed fast.    To invert the data analytics bathtub and maximize value, efficiency, and future-proof re-usability, KeyLogic manages all analytics projects like other modern software projects, leveraging the same commercial …

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KeyPerform leads to improvements at the Department of Labor

KeyPerform enabled us to improve the Department of Labor’s Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) processes.  In the support of the DOL OCIO’s Control Reviews of IT investments, we advanced the process from one that was unstructured, subjective, and variable to one that is more structured, objective, and repeatable. 

Our KeyInsight Solution

KeyInsight is a web-based knowledge management tool developed to facilitate efficient and effective data and process management. KeyInsight is made up of several modules including the Active Project Database (APD) which integrates data from existing legacy systems and with minimal user entered data can be rolled into reports in various output formats and visualizations. KeyInsight …

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