Future-Proof Enterprise Data Analytics Platform

Whether prototyping a new model, dashboard, mobile app, desktop application, serverless API, or an entire network infrastructure, KeyLogic and our Innovation Lab can help you build, test, fail, and succeed fast. 


To invert the data analytics bathtub and maximize value, efficiency, and future-proof re-usability, KeyLogic manages all analytics projects like other modern software projects, leveraging the same commercial practices, methodologies, and adapted tools. Specifically, we apply Agile DevSecOps, the new ModelOps, ITSM, and Cloud Native methodologies and tools to drive data analytics using containerization, and Cloud Smart initiatives to transform software engineering from monolith applications to microservices and serverless architectures. These tools and capabilities provide our customers with fast feature engineering and delivery of highly scalable and fault-tolerant code in the Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

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