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Process Systems Optimization

Designing and optimizing complex multi-scale power generation technologies.

Mathematical Optimization of Large-Scale Process Systems

KeyLogic’s expertise in advanced modelingoptimization, and uncertainty quantification can greatly reduce the design lifecycle time in developing advanced processes and systems, and optimize existing processes and control schemes.  

Improving Power Generation Performance and Reliability 

Applying advanced computational tools can identify process bottlenecks and limitations. For example, applications of these tools to an existing power generator reduced the minimum operating load by 44%, increasing operational flexibility and profit opportunities. 


Minimizing Wear and Tear   

Detailed simulation of process equipment under varying operating conditions can accurately quantify equipment stresses and potential points of failure. By optimizing process operations, these stresses can be minimized, improving plant life and reducing unplanned outages. 


Designing Next Gen Chemical and Energy Processes 

Cutting-edge modeling and simulation capabilities helps develop new process designs and operational schemes, maximizing profit and flexibility in highly integrated energy ecosystems. Coupled with applying uncertainty quantification and mitigation tools, technology developers are provided with confidence to bring new designs to market more quickly. 

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Optimization of Physical Plants and Chemical Processes

KeyLogic supports the optimization of our national energy infrastructure through advanced machine and deep learning models. 

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Process Systems Optimization Experts

Our team has grown with more Ph.D.s and master’s level employees, responding to the demand for engineers to optimize existing and advanced complex power generation systems. 

Arun Iyengar

Principal Engineer

Jaffer Ghouse

Senior Research Engineer
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