Systems Research & Analysis

Technoeconomic Analysis

Calculating the performance and cost of technologies to inform research decisions.

Future Energy Systems Performance and Cost

Performance and economic assessments of traditional and future energy systems identify promising technologies, guide the R&D program, and shape the future energy economy.

Process Modeling Expertise

KeyLogic creates representations of current and conceptual technologies with engineering-based mass and energy balances and accurate thermodynamic representations, and develops high-fidelity models for process equipment.

Energy Technology Expertise

Our technoeconomic analysis experts juxtapose traditional energy technologies such as subcritical pulverized coal, supercritical pulverized coal, and natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) with newer technologies including carbon capture systems, energy storage, hydrogen production, and more.

Economic Analysis and R&D Guidance Expertise

We understand the economic viability of current and developing technologies using extensive cost data drawn from multiple vendors and other relevant sources, identifying promising technologies and guiding the R&D of developing technologies.

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Technoeconomic Analysis​ Experts

Using innovative methods in a collaborative, science-based setting, our team produces policy and R&D relevant economic and environmental results. This atmosphere has attracted and developed some of the top talent in the world.

Mark Woods

Principal Engineer

Sandeep Pidaparti

Senior Engineer
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