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Telemetri Known Networks®

KeyLogic has an unrivaled internet mapping expertise and capability—Telemetri Known Networks®—that crawls the surface, deep, and dark web and characterizes internet “neighborhoods” for policy compliance, insider threat identification, and threat cyber hunting.

KeyLogic’s cyber hunt capabilities are focused on how to respond to crises or urgent situations within the pertinent domain to mitigate immediate and potential threats.

Telemetri Known Networks® maps virtually the entire Internet.

When Telemetri Known Networks® collects data about the Internet, it is “mapping” not only the places, but the systems that connect them to each other, as well as your internal network. Using big data, machine learning, and neural network technologies, it can build network maps of 98% of the Internet. The Internet is not a single, flat, one-dimensional surface or square; it’s roughly 90,000 “tiles” or connected small internets. Other tools may present a representation of connected devices, or certain elements of parts of networks, but TelemetriKnown Networks® provides timely, authoritative, comprehensive information about the entire internet.

Known Networks® works passively and invisibly.

Distinctively and importantly, Telemetri Known Networks® collects “honest” data about the structure and organization of the Internet passively. This stands in contrast to other tools whose activity draws attention to themselves. In other words, TelemetriKnown Networks® can extract and present good, comprehensive, timely, and corroborated intelligence about networks and network activity without anyone – internally or externally – being aware that they have been identified and fully characterized for network and security analysts to take action.

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Wayne Wheeles

Chief Solutions Architect
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