Data Compression & Encryption

Two Innovative Products

KeyLogic has established an exclusive partnership with Waziki to offer customers solutions that solve their data challenges with two products,  ZMT and bloc_encrypt. Our Waziki suite of products permit data storage, cloud services, and streaming content providers to drastically reduce infrastructure cost and provide an enhanced user experience with no degradation in customer data. 

ZMT – Data Compression

ZMT is a unique, patented, data compression technology that achieves lossless compression rates with 40% more efficiency and a 50% reduction in file size over current competing technologies.

bloc_encrypt – Data Encryption

Our bloc_encrypt data encryption technology can achieve multiple bit encryption (~150,000 bits or greater) with less resource utilization and a reduced memory footprint. It far surpasses AES-256 FIPS-3 standards.

Waziki Success

Increased data transmission speeds

Residents in Madison, WV were only able to receive data at 1-3 MBPS. Waziki technology achieved 25 MBPS download and 5 MPBS upload rates. 

Data compression for satellite company

A satellite company wanted to compress geospatial data and image files. Waziki ZMT technology took a 55 GB TIF image and compressed it to 357 MB with no degradation in less than a minute. 

Data storage backup efficiency

A Virginia software development firm was experiencing issues with backups taking days and up to weeks. Waziki technology allowed them to be completed successfully in 1 day. 

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