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The pace of change in technology requires managing multiple types and sizes of projects, across different programs and portfolios. Accessing and using the volume and complexity of data across an organization in a consistent manner can be a daunting task. Ensuring the most efficient current and future use of available resources through accurate analysis is a critical capability to maintain and grow your programs and core competencies.

Current Challenges with Data and Knowledge Management Systems

Enterprise data and document management solutions are central to an organizations ability to develop and manage complex portfolios of projects. In addition, many legacy systems are relied on for warehousing of pieces (or elements) of critical information. As technology advances, integration of these legacy systems into customizable solutions is essential to ensure maximum value of the information.

If not, the organization could suffer from:

  • Disparate project types across multiple portfolios
  • Inaccurate or incomplete data from departmental systems
  • Multiple “truths” and inconsistent data
  • Limited data visualization and reporting capabilities
  • Lost knowledge and lost value

Solution Description

KeyInsight is a proven approach developed by KeyLogic that utilizes the Business Systems Integration (BSI) process to facilitate efficient and effective data, document, and process management. KeyInsight is an agile, user-friendly approach that can easily adapt to the changing needs of the agency’s evolving business processes. KeyLogic’s proven business processes optimization expertise, development capabilities, and strong partnerships (Microsoft and Tableau) enable KeyLogic to deploy advanced technical solutions to meet organization’s needs and solve their toughest problems.

Primary Capabilities:

Process Definition and Optimization

  • Process documentation and mapping
  • Requirements gathering and solution identification/li>
  • Process re-engineering and optimization

Data/Document management

  • Manual input and import from other databases with data quality checks
  • Simple search, advanced searches, filtering, and exporting of search results;
  • One-time entry with multiple uses
  • Canned reports and user ability to create custom reports and ability to share reports with other users

Data Visualization

  • Enhanced data reporting with integration with Microsoft BI or Tableau

Business Process Assistance

  • Process modules facilitate process flow for collaborative review and approval including ability to notify user of need for action
  • Process modules pull data in from data management module based on administrator and user input

In-house development and maintenance

  • Custom built to meet business needs
  • Agile development allows changes in application as business needs change

The benefits of choosing KeyLogic

KeyLogic provides support to the entire process and has proven expertise in integrating legacy systems with customized solutions

We have hands-on experience and Subject Matter Experts in process design, process re-engineering, process optimization, solution development, and data visualization, and have supported all aspects of implementation for clients including the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.


Using our Business Systems Integration (BSI) processes, we work with you to determine the KeyInsight implementation solution tailored to your specific needs. KeyLogic brings technical advantage and expertise every step of the way – from helping you decide what you need, through the decision, acquisition, and implementation processes, to operations.

These advantages include:

  • Expertise in process documentation, design, re-engineering, and optimization
  • Solution development, testing, and deployment
  • Strong partnerships with Microsoft and Tableau
  • Hands-on experience integrating technical systems, business processes, policy, and change management of program and project management solutions.

KeyLogic Real-World Experience

KeyLogic, under contract to Project Execution and Integration (PEI) and Mission Execution and Strategic Analysis (MESA) contract developed the Visual User Environment (VUE). The VUE is a web-based knowledge management tool developed to facilitate efficient and effective data and process management. The VUE is made up of data modules including the Integrated Program Database (IPD) which integrates data from existing legacy systems and with minimal user inputted data can be rolled into reports in various output formats and visualizations. The VUE also houses process modules to facilitate the collaborative production of the Annual Operating Plan, Quality Performance Tracking, and Technology Readiness Assessment. Finally, the VUE eLibrary module acts as a repository for key program documents and allow feeding of the documents and metadata to the website. The VUE is an agile, user-friendly tool designed to adapt easily to the changing needs of the agency’s evolving business processes.

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