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Our KeyInsight Solution

KeyInsight is a web-based knowledge management tool developed to facilitate efficient and effective data and process management. KeyInsight is made up of several modules including the Active Project Database (APD) which integrates data from existing legacy systems and with minimal user entered data can be rolled into reports in various output formats and visualizations. KeyInsight […]

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IRS Application of KeyDetect

KeyLogic helped IRS staff members move from performing one-by-one analyses of individual database records to letting advanced data-mining tools do much of the work. As part of the Offshore Compliance Initiative, the agency’s investigators provided the forensic expertise, while our experienced professionals developed algorithms to automate and accelerate lead identification.  Results Increased Mission Effectiveness. Our work

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Designing an Integrated Energy Modeling Platform

OnLocation Inc (a KeyLogic company) successfully designed an Integrated Energy Modeling Platform for a global petroleum and gas company.   The integrated energy modeling platform will bring 12 (twelve!) disparate models together and act as a comprehensive simulation tool to run scenarios and identify risks and opportunities. Corporate planners will be able to study energy supply, demand,

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U.S. Research Impact Alliance (USRIA)

KeyLogic is committed to seeing innovative ideas through the process from ideation to new technology in the marketplace. KeyLogic was an awardee of the Department of Energy’s Energy Program for Innovation Clusters (EPIC) Prize competition for its corporate initiative to create the U.S. Research Impact Alliance (USRIA), which was recognized as a novel and impactful

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CO2 Infrastructure Model

OnLocation developed and continues to enhance the Capture, Transport, Utilization, and  Storage (CTUS) submodule within NEMS. The CTUS model optimizes potential networks of CO2 pipelines and storage infrastructure linked to  potential generation and industrial CO2 capture sources. The module provides cost estimates of CO2 transport and storage to the other modules of NEMS as well as

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Analysis of Regional Approaches to Reducing CO2 Emissions

Client Challenge: How to build an understanding of the potential impact on the power supply system if states used a mix of regional CO2 policies, some emission rate-based and others mass-based, to meet the requirements of the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan. Solution: We designed a set of model scenarios using an enhanced version of NEMS created by

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