March 23, 2022

KeyLogic Continues Growth in West Virginia

Morgantown-based KeyLogic Helps Small Businesses through Mentor-Protégé Program

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – March 22, 2022 – West Virginia’s KeyLogic has built a top-tier company focused on supporting critical national Department of Energy, Commerce, and Defense missions. Though KeyLogic has grown significantly, the company remains true to its West Virginia roots and core values and committed to the small business community. A robust mentor-protégé program is one way the company helps other businesses grow and deepen its impact in West Virginia.

KeyLogic recently formed a mentor-protégé partnership with BCS, a minority-owned small business with a 30-year history of serving government, research, and private sector clients. The partnership is part of the U.S. Small Business Administration Mentor-Protégé Program. A decade ago, KeyLogic participated in a similar Department of Defense mentor protégé program when it was a small business, which helped propel the company.

“As we have grown, we have not forgotten the importance of small businesses and the entrepreneurial ‘fire in the belly’ spirit,” said Jon Hammock, KeyLogic’s founder and current Chief Experience Officer. “The DOD Mentor-Protégé Program was an important catalyst for KeyLogic, and it is our privilege to now ‘pay it forward’ and support others on their journey through growth. It’s also a competitive advantage for us to team with emerging small businesses like BCS who deliver tremendous value and impact to clients.” BCS Executive Vice President Ken Green said, “BCS is thrilled to form an official partnership with KeyLogic, a company we have admired for years because they share our commitment to making a difference for clients and the nation, particularly in the energy sector, and genuinely support their employees, partners, and local growth.”

KeyLogic began as a small entrepreneurial company founded in West Virginia in 1999 and is now recognized as a national leader, growing from two people in Morgantown to nearly 700 employees nationwide. In 2021, the company integrated four companies—KeyLogic Systems, Information International Associates (IIA), OnLocation, and R2i—which are now collectively known as KeyLogic. The headquarters remains in Morgantown.

“We have deep roots in West Virginia,” continued Hammock. “One of our greatest pleasures is seeing employees rise through their career, buy homes, start families, and contribute locally. I like to think KeyLogic has created opportunities that otherwise might not have existed in our region.”

In addition to the relationship with BCS, KeyLogic is in a second SBA Mentor-Protégé Program partnership with Bravo Consulting Group, LLC, which also has strong ties to West Virginia. Bravo President and CEO Gino Degregori is a proud graduate of West Virginia University and believes, “There is endless opportunity in West Virginia. My family immigrated to the U.S. when I was young, and I recognize and appreciate the talent and work ethic of the people here. I can sense the momentum in Morgantown and across the state. In concert with KeyLogic, one of our highest priorities is supporting economic growth and creating jobs in West Virginia.”

KeyLogic currently employs approximately 80 people in West Virginia, BCS plans to re-establish a Morgantown presence as part of the mentor-protégé relationship, and Bravo also has an office and presence in Morgantown. Through partnerships like these, KeyLogic is bringing more services to customers, staying true to its company values and entrepreneurial spirit, and becoming a better business, all while helping others grow and succeed.

“It feels good to be in a position to give back—both to rising small businesses and to the West Virginia community where it all began,” said Hammock.

KeyLogic’s team members (nearly 700 total with approximately 80 employees in West Virginia and over 130 in Southwestern Pennsylvania) is comprised of systems designers, developers, data scientists, IT and cybersecurity specialists, engineers, mission experts, program managers, and more than 70 Ph.D. scientists. This multidisciplinary team works together solving challenging problems with anticipatory service—always staying one step ahead—benefiting our customers, and ultimately helping build a better world.


Supporting critical missions at the intersection of data and science, KeyLogic provides mission management, systems analysis, data analytics, digital transformation, and cybersecurity to customers in the energy, federal civilian, and defense sectors, with a 20+ year portfolio of successes supporting DOE, DOC, EPA, DOD, DHS, FBI, and other federal agencies challenged with complex missions. We help our customers solve the world’s most challenging problems with unsurpassed anticipatory service. For more information on KeyLogic, visit

BCS is a minority-owned small business with a 30-year history of helping government, research, and private sector clients implement their programs and missions and achieve success. We offer a breadth of professional support services in the areas of business management, communications, systems engineering, analysis, and organization performance. We pride ourselves on being a company that builds strong, long-lasting, and trusted relationships with our clients based on our ability to understand and anticipate their needs; develop tailored, effective solutions to meet those needs; and leverage resources and expertise from across our organization to see them through. For more information on BCS, visit

Bravo Consulting Group, LLC (Bravo) taps into the power of Microsoft technologies to develop custom software applications and solutions for federal, state, local, and commercial organizations. Since our inception in 2007, we have pioneered enterprise applications that have become central components in our clients’ business success. Our customer-centric focus has allowed us to implement improved technologies, develop high-end business solutions, and transform digital services. Our vast technology and industry expertise enables us to partner with clients to deliver sophisticated solutions rapidly and on budget. For more information on Bravo, visit

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