Our team works in some of the most demanding cyber threat environments, serving alongside our customers on the front lines of national security operations.


Assessing system threats and vulnerabilities, identifying deviations from approved configurations and policies, and documenting the level of accepted risk.


Combining sensor and controls expertise with cybersecurity capabilities to deliver critical ICS protection.

The KeyLogic Advantage

Whether defending traditional perimeters or advancing toward zero trust, fractionalized, blockchain, and quantum technologies, our cybersecurity experts integrate industry-leading solutions to provide defense in depth and a 360-degree view of your enterprise as it is situated in the surface, deep, and dark webs.

Dynamic cybersecurity support in a Zero Trust domain.

Big data offers vast opportunity, along with challenges. At KeyLogic we embrace both, and have integrated our capabilities to protect programs, data, digital assets, and critical infrastructures.
Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

KeyLogic understands that both proactive and reactive cybersecurity services are critical to ensuring the protection of organizations’ High Value Assets (HVA).

Cyber Hunt

Our analysts start with the premise that threat actors specifically target high value organizations, so we focus on how to respond to urgent situations within your domain to mitigate immediate and potential threats.

Security Architecture Review and Engineering

Our team can evaluate all or some of your security posture to determine whether your cybersecurity solutions are properly architected, and then help you identify security vulnerabilities and help contain risks across the entire Systems Development Life Cycle.

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