Unlock Mission Effectiveness

Where would you like to take your agency? At KeyLogic, we specialize in getting to know your vision of future performance and delivering the capabilities that turn that vision into a powerful reality. There can be many paths to unlocking mission effectiveness. We can help you find the one that’s exactly right for your agency.



Helping you reach highly specific business goals is in our DNA. Whether it’s implementing an accelerated R&D program or shrinking your carbon footprint, turning raw data into business intelligence or transforming your budget reporting process, managing programs and projects more effectively or complying with stringent Federal business continuity mandates, KeyLogic stands ready with timely support to address your most critical performance challenges.

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System Engineeirng

Software and System Engineering

Mission success often depends on getting the right technology tools in place to become more efficient, make better decisions, and improve your ability to meet stakeholder requirements. Look to KeyLogic for help selecting, implementing, and engineering the modernized systems that drive your process excellence and business effectiveness.

Program Management

R&D Technology and Project Management

With budget pressures intensifying, you need to maximize the value of every program and project while orchestrating your end-to-end program portfolio for overall mission effectiveness. No matter how complex the initiative, KeyLogic’s experienced PMP-certified managers and specialists can help you plan for and deliver on-time, on-budget results that fully address security and other compliance requirements.


Business Intelligence and Data Analysis

Safeguarding national security often means balancing a dynamic mix of political, societal, technical, and budget factors to craft and implement a time-sensitive solution. With years of experience supporting the intelligence community, we can help you juggle competing demands and get the warfighter and other stakeholders what they need for their critical missions.


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“The support that EPA received on these projects, both from a technical and personal standpoint was beyond what we ever expected from a contractor with such a task.”

EPA Customer

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