Private Sector

Major corporations in a variety of industries come to KeyLogic for assistance with technical challenges. From systems architecture and software development, to business opportunity tracking, to software translation, to data warehousing, KeyLogic has the subject matter expertise needed to unlock market share and empower growth.

Systems Architecture and Software Development

For a major credit company servicing federal agencies, KeyLogic built eight data warehouse modules designed to detect credit card abuse. Federal agencies were able to improve fraud protection—and the credit card company grew its share of the government market by 10 percent.

Business Opportunity Tracking System

KeyLogic built a national business opportunity tracking system for a global credit card company that did significant business with the federal government. The company wanted to expand in three sectors: higher education, state government, and local government. As a result of gaining ready access to current government contract information, the credit card company’s market share increased in all three target sectors.

Software Internationalization

When a multi-national American oil company decided to open new refineries in Russia, it needed a cost-effective way to make its current English-language simulation usable for its Russian team. KeyLogic converted the system into Cyrillic, the official written language of Russia, while retaining the underlying logic and functionality of the simulation.

Call Center Data Warehousing

For a major national call center supporting information technology customers, KeyLogic tweaked computer code and business processes so that accurate reporting on call center performance could be generated in minutes rather than hours. Being web-based, the new process was more accessible. It was also more reliable, with fewer errors and data quality issues.


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