The Department of Energy’s core mission is to advance the national, economic, and energy security of the United States. KeyLogic is honored to play a role in that mission by bringing critical technical and management expertise to DOE projects and working to speed the commercialization of innovative energy and environmental technologies.

Mission Execution & Strategic Analysis

KeyLogic provides a breadth and depth of support to the DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) including program planning and implementation, energy technology expertise, technology maturation, lifecycle analysis, program analytics, systems engineering and analysis, computational science and engineering, enterprise architecture, knowledge management, acquisition, and communications and outreach.

Project Execution & Integration
Project Execution & Integration

KeyLogic provided subject matter expertise to the DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) in carbon capture and geologic sequestration, power plant process technology, efficient buildings technology, electric vehicles, smart electricity transmission technology, investment banking, and cost estimation. With the critical technical and management expertise it needed, the NETL moved its R&D programs forward while improving enterprise efficiency with streamlined processes.

Coal Fired Power PlantCarbon Capture and Storage

Fossil fuels are projected to be the primary energy source for the United States and most developed and developing countries, and fossil fuel consumption is expected to steadily increase as these economies expand. However, evidence suggests that the observed rise in atmospheric CO2 is the result of the expanded use of fossil fuels and many consider this increase to be a contributing factor to global climate change. KeyLogic provides specialized scientific and engineering expertise to support technology research and development for the capture, separation and geologic storage (CCS) of CO2 as a possible management option to enable the continued use of fossil fuels to support our economic and national security.

Man in Protective Hazmat SuitOperations and Maintenance Management

KeyLogic offers services in the area of complex and hazardous energy Operations and Maintenance (O&M). We specialize in solving O&M performance issues, whether it involves production, quality, or safety. Studies show a significant number of quality and safety issues stem from an imbalance in resource allocations. The tendency is to place management attention on production, which is the most visible element of performance. This results in quality and safety programs competing for “left-over” resources. The solution is to integrate all three. Studies show that integrated management approaches resulting in balanced performance are actually more productive in the long run, due to the structured and disciplined approach to O&M.

Project Management Center
Project Management Center

As part of DOE’s Project Management Center support initiative, KeyLogic professionals helped DOE move from a labor-intensive budget system to one that supports highly efficient portfolio budget management.


“All of the Funding Opportunity Announcement products were accurate, complete, professional, and were accepted by the [Program] with no or only minor revisions. The exceptional support and products provided by KeyLogic allowed the [Program] to complete sections in less than three weeks from beginning of the consensus review meetings and obligate all funds prior to the end of the fiscal year.”
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