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The Environmental Protection Agency was established more than four decades ago in response to a public outcry for cleaner air, water, and land. Those issues are just as critical, if not more so, today. The condition of our environment largely depends on decisions made and policies created based on large amounts of technical data analysis. On a variety of contracts, KeyLogic has developed more efficient processes for the EPA to get from data collection to data analysis—quickly and accurately.

CFO Budget FE

Budget Formulation and Execution

KeyLogic implemented a phased solution that brought together the right people, processes, and technology to consistently improve EPA’s budget compliance activities.

CFO Data Warehousing

CFO Data Warehousing

KeyLogic helped develop a business reporting environment with dozens of ways for the EPA Office of the Chief Information Officer to filter information and generate reports—quickly and accurately.

Enforcement Reporting

Enforcement Reporting

To help the EPA provide fast-turnaround reports about its performance related to cleanup of Superfund sites, KeyLogic developed a service that provides customized research for questions from EPA staff, Congress, and federal agencies.


Superfund eFacts

KeyLogic transformed the EPA’s Superfund data collection—from a dozen reports manually updated by a full-time staff person each month to 50,000 reports updated each night with one-quarter of the labor hours.


Ground Water Reporting

KeyLogic helped improve the data extraction process for EPA’s Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water to assist decision makers in better gauging the effectiveness and compliance of the nation’s water systems.


Information Systems Support

KeyLogic created a set of reports so that Superfund database users—mostly senior EPA staff—can quickly access information on all Superfund sites. Improved data analysis facilitates improved decision making.


“Congratulations on helping the Environmental Protection Agency achieve a green score in Financial Management, as part of the President’s Management Agenda. Your commitment to producing results has strengthened our Nation and is helping build a Federal Government that is effectively meeting the needs of the American people.”

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